Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dude he finaly did something

Due to the fact that i am lazy i haven't done anything here, but that's going to stop. i am going to start doing things now. its a pain in the ass that megaupload is down so i am going to start putting the files on mediafire but since i don't have and money to pay and i am not going to ask you for it i don't know how long the file will be there so just tell me when it is down and i will figure out something. also it would be nice if you found me a free upload site. besides that i have uploaded Undertown Ch.1 and here is the link
i will try to scan the rest of chapter 2 and i am sorry i cant do any Japanese manga because the ones i own are already scanned and translated on the Internet. if i can get someone to scan raw's and another to translate we will be in business because i know the basics of cleaning. enough with me talking though, you should go and read my hard work because if you don't i will die and haunt you for the rest of my life because i will probably be bored in the afterlife.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello dudes and other dudes i just started and cant read Japanese and need suggestions of what i should do so

1. Translator
2. Scanner
3. Typesetter
4. QC
5. Proofreader
6. Cleaners (better than me(which is like nothing))
7. Suggestions

I know i am selfish about this but i will release what i can and have. if you want to join leave a comment if you want to be annoying leave a comment if you don't give a shit leave a comment